Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Bad Smell in a Garbage Disposal

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When a garbage disposal smells bad, the entire kitchen will have a lingering foul odor. Stores sell fresheners especially for food disposal units, but they can be quite expensive. They are also unnecessary. I prefer natural cleaning products, and I use a natural method to get rid of foul odors in my garbage disposal. They are much safer than chemical products, especially since the drains are connected to a septic system. Try my natural ways to get rid of a bad smell in a garbage disposal, and keep it fresh and clean.

Clean the Garbage Disposal Blades with Ice

It takes more than just a freshening product to get rid of a bad smell in a garbage disposal. The source of the odor must be removed or the problem will continue. Begin by grinding about two cups of ice. The ice will clean away stuck on food particles from the blades and the sides of the unit. Not only will the ice get rid of decaying food particles, but it will also keep the blades sharp.

Grind Up Citrus Peels to Get Rid of the Bad Smell

Citrus peels have a number of natural uses throughout the home. They contain natural grease-cutting oils. Grind up citrus peels to get rid of a bad smell in your garbage disposal. Citrus peels are the best natural option available. Grind a peel or two at least once a week to maintain a fresh clean scent.

Manually Clean the Underside of the Splash Guard

Foul odors do not always originate in the base of a garbage disposal. Bacteria laden slime builds up on the underside of the splash guard, and it requires occasional cleaning. Use natural white vinegar and a sponge or rag to clean the flaps of the splash guard. Wipe around the top inside perimeter of the unit as well. You might be surprised by the amount of slimy buildup.

Grease can clog a garbage disposal and result in a very bad smell. Get rid of solid grease by flushing the unit with a mixture of grease dissolving dishwashing detergent and very hot water. Plug the sink, and fill it with hot soapy water. With a gloved hand, pull out the stopper and immediately turn on the garbage disposal. After following all of the aforementioned steps, the bad smell should be gone for good.

Crystal Ray: 9/28/2012

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