5 Easy Homemade Valentine Ideas for Kids

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There are plenty of adorable ready made Valentines for your children to hand out.  However, homemade Valentines are fun to make.   So, get out some paper, scissors and glue and start creating.  Here are five easy homemade Valentine ideas for kids.

Homemade Valentine # 1: Button Valentines

Most of us have extra buttons sitting around the house.  Gather a variety of sizes, glue and some thick paper to make an adorable homemade valentine.  All kids have to do is put a dab of glue on the back of some buttons and form it into a heart shape.  Parents can make it easier on kids by giving them a heart outline to follow.  Inside you can write: Happy Valentine’s Day, you’re as cute as a button!

Homemade Valentine # 2: Tissue Paper Cards

This card has a stained glass look.  First, have kids cut several hearts onto a folded piece of construction paper.  Then, choose a few pieces of tissue paper to paste behind the heart “windows.” Finally,  paste another solid piece of construction paper behind the tissue paper and write your message inside.

Homemade Valentine # 3: Thumb Print Hearts

All you need is washable finger paint and construction paper for this card.   After pressing the child’s finger in the paint, blot the finger on a paper towel.  Then, turn the child’s finger diagonally and press on paper.  Rotate child’s finger 90 degrees and press down again.  The two finger prints should look like a heart.  Repeat the process until you have at least three hearts on the page.

Homemade Valentine # 4: Heart Book

Stack four or five pieces of white or light colored pieces of paper together.   Then, using a hole punch make a hole in the side of the hearts.  Tie together with a small piece of yarn.    The child can write a poem, short stories, and Valentine’s Day jokes.     They can also write words dealing with affection.    Another idea is to paste photos onto the hearts and then laminate for a cute photo book.

Homemade Valentine # 5:  Doily Valentine

Doilies can often be found in the baking section at a store.    You can cut out a heart, cupid or teddy bear drawing to put in the center.   You can also cut out a heart window in the doilies and put a photo between the two.

Homemade valentines are an amusing craft and add a little something special to Valentine’s Day!


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