How Much Puppy Food Do Puppies Need to Eat?

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New puppy owners often worry about how much puppy food their new puppy needs to eat and how often a puppy should eat.

As a base you should ask the current owner what they are feeding the puppy, it should not have its food switched right away as that can make your puppy sick. Most good breeders will give you a small bag of food, but if not make sure you try to get the same kind of food the puppy is use to eating.

This article will answer the questions about “How much food should I feed my puppy?” and “How often should I feed my puppy?

Note that dogs should not have food left down all the time, dogs are prone to overeating. Also be aware that canned food should never be left out more than 20 minutes or bacteria will start to grow.

How Often Should a Puppy be Fed?

Generally speaking puppies under 6 months of age should be fed three times a day. The exception is very small breeds, who may need to be fed four times a day, or even more often. Puppies that are very small are prone to having hypoglycemia and need to eat more regularly throughout the day to keep their blood sugar level.

Medium and larger breed puppies can be reduced to two meals per day any time after 6 months of age if they are in generally good health.

How Much Food Should a Puppy Eat?

All puppy food bags have a feeding guideline. You will notice the side of the bag will have a chart. This chart is based on the weight your puppy should be and gives the recommended daily amount of food. This amount is not the same for every food. Some lower quality dog foods use a lot of filler and as such the puppy may need to be fed more than if it is on a higher quality dog food.

Take the total amount of food your puppy should have in a day and divide by three to give you the three portions that your puppy should have throughout the day.

As your puppy grows you will need to increase the amount of food it needs to eat accordingly.

© by Author, Shih Tzu puppy

© by Author, Shih Tzu puppy

Some Tips On Feeding A Puppy

Never let a puppy guard or become possessive of his, or her, food.

If your puppy is eating too fast you can get special bowls that make it harder to eat or can put a large rock in the center of the bowl to force the puppy to eat around it.

Puppies should have their food and water offered to them in a stainless steel or ceramic bowl, never use a plastic bowl as this can give them canine acne.

Puppies normally remain on puppy food for 1 year, small, less active, breeds are sometimes switched to adult food around 8 months of age, while some large breed dogs are kept on large breed puppy food until 18 months of age.

Article based on authors experience working in dogs and in the pet food industry.

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