Redgage: From Promise to Certainty

Redgage (RG) is the latest addition to my list of earning sites. I joined almost two years ago. I wasn’t very active on it for quite a long time until an online friend persuaded me to pay more attention to it. Luckily, it turns out that it was a good decision. RG allows its users to write blog posts, as well as post article links from other sites they use. Photos and videos can also be posted, and viewers are paid for the unique views they get to their material.

I took advantage of this opportunity to post links to my creations at several article writing sites I’m also using photos I consider interesting. Soon I discovered that photos are quite lucrative. As long as you make friends on RG and comment on their material, especially on photos, they will do the same for you.  If you show perseverance, it won’t take too long to reach the $25 threshold for your first payment.

I reached that amount in February 2013 and then waited for them to send me my virtual card. Actually, this is the most frustrating part, because it takes them a long time to send it. I had to wait almost three months, and I began to think it would never come. Luckily I got my virtual Visa Redgage debit card in late April. I was able to transfer money from it to my bank account within two days.

There’s a one-time $5 fee I had to pay for the virtual card, and then there was also a $2.99 tax to be paid for the transfer to the bank account, and that was it. I’ve just made my first $17 on Redgage. Now whenever I reach $25 I will automatically receive it in my virtual card.

That’s the story of my Redgage experience so far. I’m glad I was patient with it because eventually my persistence was rewarded and with more material posted and promoted on sites like Facebook and Twitter, I can expect higher earnings with RG. From now on, I am  also going to post links to my Expertspages and FullofKnowledge articles as well, to get some extra traffic. In conclusion; this site, which has just changed its design as well, is worth trying. All you need is a little patience with it, and you will see that it is legit and it can represent another important source of online income.

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