Vacation – Packaged or Un-packaged

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Vacation – Packaged or Un-packaged

Every family, couple, or individual takes a vacation at some point in their lives. Some more than others. Vacations can be planned ahead of time, or in the heat of the moment. However, all vacations have one thing in common, that is to go somewhere, relax, and have a good time.

Families save for these vacations as the year goes by. For some it takes longer to save, but others make enough to travel as often as they like. A decision is made as to where to go, where to stay, what to see, and how long to be there.

There are many vacation packages that can be purchased that include all of the above. The packages range in prices, accommodations, dinning, and entertainment. Some packages are expensive, others are not. However, not everyone wants a packaged vacation. What can be considered in order to decide to go on a packaged vacation, or an un-packaged one?

Packaged Vacation

There are advantages to purchasing a packaged vacation. Cruises are a great example of such vacations. When a person books a cruise, the travel agent, or website that offers the package will showcase other tours that can be booked as well. For example, a cruise to the Bahamas, may include a day of snorkeling, or a cruise to the Mediterranean Sea, may include a tour of the city where they will port.  In the case of Disney World, a person can now book times to ride, times to dine, and times to visit shows.

There are plenty of conveniences in purchasing a packaged vacation. They take the headache out of planning what to do when, what to see when, or when to see what. At times, they can help you stay on a budget. Since the activities are planned and prepaid, there is no temptation to do something that could be more costly. A packaged vacation can help make arrangements for families with small children, elderly, or handicapped members. They can see what activities will fit the family members and plan accordingly.

The draw back to a packaged vacation is that they can get costly. The resorts are well known, the cruise line may offer only excursions or tours that they sponsor. However, there are other avenues available that can accomplish the same thing without the large expense. That is the Un-packaged vacation option.

Un-Packaged Vacation

An un-packaged vacation means that the vacation will not have everything included in one package, plain and simple. The vacationer selects what they want on their own. This can include a stay at a vacation home, or a motel, instead of a hotel. Instead of taking a tour, the vacationer tours the city on their own. They could purchase a map, get information online ahead of time, or just simply peruse as they so desire. They can still go snorkeling, but not necessarily with the sponsored company.

The vacationer’s budget could be less this way, as they get to research and pick the things they can afford. Maybe, they do not want all their meals included. At a vacation home, they can keep their grocery budget intact, by continuing to cook, bag their lunches and snacks, and avoid eating out. Another great advantage is they are not time restrained, as in a tour. They can sight see till their feet give up. They don’t have to be bused with people they don’t know, and they don’t have to visit sights that are included, but of no interest to them.

Either choice is good. Everyone has different ideas of what a vacation should be. Those that like things scheduled and paid for in advance, can take advantage of a packaged vacation. Those that like to freely roam, the un-packaged vacation will suit them better. Whichever you choose, do so in advance when possible. Do good research on the options available, and pick the vacation that best suits you, or your family. In the end, it is your vacation. Have fun.

Image Credit : Vacation trip, Wikimedia Commons,  Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

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