Writing Tips – What to Write About

Writing Tips – What to Write About

Sometimes as writers, we have difficulty coming up with a subject, idea, or concept to write about. It is a commonality among all. So, what can we do to come up with writing ideas? There are a few things that may help.

Think of an experience that you had. Does it have a story behind it? Can others relate to it? Would you read the story if you saw it published? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that it will make a good article.

Do you have a hobby? Others, probably enjoy the same hobby. Do you look for information for your hobby? Why not write about the hobby? What you do? Where do you get your supplies? What does it take to keep up?

Are you great at giving others advise on matters of the heart? If you find yourself providing great advise to family and friends regarding relationships, why not write about it?

Do you like to imagine stories? There are people searching the internet that like to read fiction, especially, short stories that take them away from their everyday life.

Inspiration and positive thoughts are a good source for writing themes. There are daily life events that have a positive message. Why not write about it? Do you look for the positive side of things? Write about it.

People are looking for things to read. The same way a writer has something to say, readers want something to read. There are those that have the gift of writing, while others love to read. Put both together and you have a relationship and a commonality.

If you are looking for an audience to write for, then start with yourself. What do you like to read about? What kind of reading do you like to do? How do you want it presented to you? Answer those questions and follow your instinct.

Do not copy anyone else. Do look for what others are doing and use it to sharpen your skills. Looking at others’ content will give you your own feedback, as to whether it kept your interest or not. Use it to learn what you liked about it, and what you did not like about it.

At nights end, remember it is your ideas that will come across. It is your voice that will be heard. It is your work that will be read. So, be unique, be yourself, be assertive.

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Originally from Puerto Rico. Had the privilege to live in Spain. The cultural diversity has been a positive influence in her endeavors. Charlee possesses expert proficiency in English and Spanish. She translated the first Spanish Guards Manual for a well known Armor Guard company. She taught Spanish to middle and high school students. The many aspects brought into her life by the variety of cultural influences has expanded her thirst for knowledge and variety of learning. She is a grandmother of 3 great kids, who are helping her re-live her childhood in a way she could not appreciate before. She is the mother of 5 grown "kids" whom she owes many of the experiences that she can now write about. As a single mother, she brings to the table plenty of insight on how to make it work, even when it seems impossible. Life has been good to her and has had its challenges. She wants to share this with you, the reader

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