What Life Brings Each Day

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I sit and wonder about what life can bring each day. Then, I realize that it brings many things. Some, I take for granted. Others, I am surprised by them. It is nice to go to sleep, have a restful evening and wake up the next day with a fresh new look. Each day life brings us a fresh breath, a new set of eyes and newly found hope.

Just the fact that we wake up each day, is a blessing in itself. Some went to sleep and never woke up. They peacefully went away, like a bliss. I compare life to a campfire. It takes time to gather the wood, pile it up and then light it. Once it lights, the flames go up as high as they can. Slowly, they wither away, until just ashes are left.

While the wood is gathered, there is hope that a fire will start. While the wood burns, the beauty of it strikes our soul. When it withers away, we feel the cold of the breeze, as the warmth fades away.

Life is the same. When we are conceived, there is excitement of a new life to begin. After we are born, our lives are like the flame. We grow beautifully. Our lives are reflected in the light that we project as we go through it. As we get older, our lives wither away until nothing but ashes remains.

Just like a fire is beautiful while it lasts, so are our lives. We are here today and gone tomorrow. However, what we do with our lives can leave a lasting impression on those that were a part of it. Just like a fire leaves ashes to remind us it was there, memories stay behind . Our torch may not shine, but our memories live in the hearts of our loved ones.

It is those memories that are kept in our hearts that remind us of beautiful days, parents that are gone, or loved ones that are past. In many of those memories are lessons learned, stories to be told and smiles within our soul. As long as the memories are with us, so are those that are gone.

The memories kept, remind us that life is a gift. When we take a breath each day , we need to look around, enjoy those around us, and make memories to leave behind. Live life like a flame. Rise as high as you can and make an impression on the world. Build memories that will last. Leave your legacy behind.

I lost my father many moons ago, but it is his life and the memories he left with me that inspired this article.

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Originally from Puerto Rico. Had the privilege to live in Spain. The cultural diversity has been a positive influence in her endeavors. Charlee possesses expert proficiency in English and Spanish. She translated the first Spanish Guards Manual for a well known Armor Guard company. She taught Spanish to middle and high school students. The many aspects brought into her life by the variety of cultural influences has expanded her thirst for knowledge and variety of learning. She is a grandmother of 3 great kids, who are helping her re-live her childhood in a way she could not appreciate before. She is the mother of 5 grown "kids" whom she owes many of the experiences that she can now write about. As a single mother, she brings to the table plenty of insight on how to make it work, even when it seems impossible. Life has been good to her and has had its challenges. She wants to share this with you, the reader

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