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Anniversary of My Enlightenment at Expertspages

Written November 3rd, 2013 by
Anniversary of My Enlightenment at Expertspages

 Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Today is the anniversary of my entry into I entered into this site on 3 November, 2012 with my first post titled “5 Yoga Poses: Reduce Your Tummy Size and Belly Fat”. It was an enlightenment for me in my writing career. Although I wrote about yoga and the body poses for the body that helped reducing tummy, the very first entry into the site was actually a yoga of my writing.

Yoga means bind together

The word Yoga literally means to “bind together” or “unite two entities”. Technically, yoga means to learn to connect one’s breath with movement and move toward a balance – physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Expertspages enlightened my mind to connect ideas with writing and the readers. Writing is also a yoga practice that develops one’s mind physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. is an enlightening site

Writing on has been a great yoga, connecting me to other sites also. It is an enlightening site that keeps my body, mind and soul balanced. Physically, I have to sit and make myself fit, to write and do some physical activities. I have to think about the ideas for writing which can connect me with the readers. This is the mental and spiritual aspect of this writing yoga. While writing, I perform a good breathing exercise also and make writing a yoga. My breath is controlled, my thoughts are controlled, and my soul is uplifted. It has been a yoga of sharing experiences with others and proceeding in the path of writing, enlightened and guided by the talented editors.

I look back at the site and my work

On this anniversary day of my entry into, I look back with pride at my writings. I have posted 122 articles, in spite of my inability and many interruptions to my writing.

I thank God for His grace. I thank the editorial board for all expert guidance and affectionate support without which I would not have written anything on all the three sites: EP, FOK and PAA. I thank all my friends at EP who have been reading and commenting. Their comments have been good inspiration and encouragement for my writing.

(My experiences)

The Trinity of Sites Revenue Share Program

Written November 1st, 2013 by
The Trinity of Sites Revenue Share Program

FullofKnowledge (FoK) pays a CPM based on Unique Views. The site is monetized with a mixture of CPC (click) and CPM (impression) banner advertisements.

ExpertsPages (EP) pays a CPM based on Unique Views (World Wide Audience). It is monetized with click advertisements, and offers users their own free wordpress platform site (with a premium “onyx” theme installed. Users can place their own advertisements on their personal ExpertsPages website.

PostAnyArticle (PAA) pays a CPM based on Total Views (World Wide Audience). The banner advertisements are CPM, and pay for impressions only. There are keyword text links in the articles to CPA (signup) offers. PAA writers also have access to “money links”, which is links for writers to promote, and earn a separate commission for themselves.

All Three Sites Share Advertising Revenue with All Writers on a 75/25 Percentage Basis. Writers Receive 75% based on page views and the sites retain 25% (Admin Commissions and Site Expenses, Moderator Bonus Pay). Comments are monetized on all 3 sites, and all 3 sites allow images, embedded videos, etc.. as long as they do not interfere with the formatting of the page.

We have many advertisers, and send payments via PayPal when they pay us.

Published on FullofKnowledge on November 1, 2013: Updated June 11, 2014

Team-Based Writing: Possibilities 2

Written September 9th, 2013 by
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Masae (2007) Blackboard Laos. Wikipedia Commons

Masae (2007) Blackboard Laos. Wikipedia Commons

This is a continuation of my opinion-piece, which may be viewed here: Team-Based Writing: Possibilities Part 1

3. Plagiarism. With more than one user sharing an account comes the risk that one person may behave unethically. The editors may have the difficult task of shutting down an entire account, especially if none of the writers under that name come forward to admit responsibility for breaking the site’s terms.  Brenda Nelson, notes in a forum post that republishing onto other sites could also be fraught with difficulties. She continues, that it also gives other writers the chance to republish under the same username work that, technically, they did not actually produce (2013).

4. Dividing Payments. Having multiple people using one account means that still only one person receives money into their PayPal account. Now, the other individuals have to hope that the main recipient is honest and forthright when it comes to divulging the end amount and fairly distributing it.

5. Intimidating New Members. Aspiring writers may look at the site’s earning process, which pays based on activity level and recognize that existing teams have a huge advantage. As they are not able to compete by producing the same amount of articles, they may feel leery about signing up.


The concept of team-based writing with just one username has the possibility to produce both positive and negative consequences. The competitive aspect of shared accounts could compel actions that are damaging to writers and could possibly scare off readers. However, loyalty and cooperation could lead to writers earning more than they could on their own without having to work their fingers to the bone.


ExpertsPages (2013) ExpertsPages Writing Guidelines

Author’s Note: Originally published August 17, 2013 on FullofKnowledge

Team-Based Writing: Possibilities Part 1

Written September 9th, 2013 by
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Masae (2007) Blackboard Laos. Wikipedia Commons

Masae (2007) Blackboard Laos. Wikipedia Commons

The administrator and owner of the writing site, ExpertsPages has suggested an interesting concept for participants of his website. This conjecture is for users to team up and submit articles under one account name. Although this has not been officially implemented, this ability could produce unexpected consequences for both the writers and readers of the website.


1.  Increased Output. Individual writers often face time constraints when it comes to producing well-constructed articles. Also, they can get burned out and run out of ideas and require a break to recharge. Having two or more authors on one account could produce double or triple the normal amount of articles that are published each month. This would also allow time for work, illness, or vacations to take place without losing much in the way of productivity.

2. Diversity. Having a team of writers could help that account attract more views through search engines. This is especially true if each writer brings a specialty to the table. For example, if one person is knowledgeable about cars, a second about medicine, and a third about sustainable living.


1. Over Saturation. With multiple writers on one account it could be very easy to see several pages worth of articles in just one day from just that username. Other writers to the site quickly see their hard work hidden from view. This was one of the major downsides of using Bubblews, as depending on time of day and category certain articles could almost instantly be sent into the archives. Also, casual readers may feel overwhelmed by the word onslaught by account name x.

2. Trust Issues. A team-based approach may work well with existing relationships: best friends, a couple, or parent and child. However, strangers may have more difficulty selecting another writer to team up with, sharing passwords, and working out access to the site.

The rest of my thoughts about this concept may be viewed here: Team-Based Writing: Possibilities Part 2

Author’s Note: Originally published August 17, 2013 on FullofKnowledge


Hail to the Kings: ExpertsPages and FullofKnowledge!

Written August 23rd, 2013 by
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Three months ago I was in a pretty bad mood. My confidence in online earning  had been shattered by the fact that my best earning sites at that moment, Mylot and Expertscolumn, had all of a sudden stopped paying. Luckily, I didn’t give up searching for new and better alternatives and that’s how I came across ExpertsPages and FullofKnowledge.

I must admit I was a little confused at the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect, but I decided to go with the flow and see what would come out of my efforts. From the very beginning I realized, that unlike the previous sites I had written for, FOK and EP had a very active team of editors ready to help newcomers improve their style.

I also liked the fact that I was allowed to republish my articles from different sites I had used before on FOK and EP. I took advantage of this opportunity and did my best to make some of my previous articles more attractive for readers by following the indications of the editorial team. At the same time I started writing new stuff and promoted my material just like I had done before on other sites.

Weeks passed by and, as I was becoming more and more fascinated by my new writing exploits, some of my Facebook friends started asking me about my experience with FoKand EP. I gave them all the details they wanted and promised them that I would inform them as soon as I got my first payment.

Well, dear fellow FOK and EP writers, Facebook friends and citizens of the free world, the waiting is over. After receiving the confirmation from the monthly statement that I reached the $25 threshold in July, August 23rd will remain in my memory as the day in which I got the mail I had expected so eagerly:

Dear Sebastian Onciu,

ExpertsPages sent you a payment of $25.07 USD.

Obviously, it’s party time for me, but before I open a bottle of champagne to celebrate this achievement, I have to tell you that all my doubts are gone: ExpertsPages and FullofKnowledge are the best! They have high standards and they require much more attention and efforts from writers than sites like Triond or Bubblews, but they respect their users and pay them well. To make an analogy with my favourite game, soccer, the difference between FOK and EP and other article writing sites is like the one between a team who plays in the Champions League and one from the third division!

For me this first payment represents the best stimulant, giving me the determination to invest even more time and energy in these wonderful sites. I also hope that this article will encourage those Facebook friends I was talking about earlier to join the FOK and EP community.  I’m sure they will congratulate themselves one day and be happy just like I am in this lovely summer evening.

This is my little tribute to the best article writing sites I know. Before I finish my work and enjoy my glass of champagne, I want to shout it out loud: Hail to the kings! Hail to ExpertsPages and FullofKnowledge!

Article previously published at FullofKnowledge.

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